Latin American Business Studies


Welcome to the website of the minor Latin American Business Studies of the HAN, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen / University of applied Sciences.

Latin America is vibrant and booming! The Latin American Studies minor focuses on the rapidly developing international business  relations with Latin America. Latin America’s influence is present in many aspects of our daily business and cultural environment. If you are interested in preparing for an excellent and challenging career in international business, as well as in the social and cultural aspects of Latin America, this minor might be exactly what you are looking for.

 Practical experience
You will gain knowledge and acquire valuable insight into Latin America through an interesting variety of lectures/activities offered  to you. You will participate in a team project related to Latin America, which will be supervised by a company. You will be given the opportunity to attend guest lectures by leading individuals from both the business community and academia. During a study trip to a Latin American country you will experience Latin America in all its facets.

– Participation in a team project  – Europe / Latin America.
– International Marketing – focus on Latin America.
– History and Culture of Latin America / Culture of
Doing Business in Latin America.
– International Law
– Research Methods
– Spanish (language acquisition)
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Type of minor:
This is a differentiation minor. A differentiation minor enables you to develop your professional competencies in a different/broader context.